About Us

This is a platform developed to create and share H5P interactive content with CC License. H5P is a free and open source tool to create, modify and share responsive interactive content. When introduced to teachers, they are not only creating interactive content but using innovatively in their classes.

Teachers today are dealing with technological tools which allow them to express themselves to the fullest. There are many e-Learning authoring tools, but H5P is special among them. It is special because within minutes anyone and everyone can create effective and enjoyable mobile friendly interactive content and share.

Mrs. Sushumna Rao Tadinada started exploring & using H5P in 2014 for creating interactive Telugu content. Since then she has been promoting this tool in all her training sessions. Being an OER advocate she herself started distributing templates for various H5P content types and sharing with CC Licenses. When there is content available with CC License there is no point re-inventing the wheel. She used to search for such kind of free to use/share interactive content across the web and train teachers on using them. But being just an end user is not sufficient, when one utilises CC License material, they should also be obeying the 5Rs of OER. 

Then she developed an idea to create a platform and follow the 5Rs of OER and offer the training to teachers on CC Licenses and on how to create H5P interactive content then release them with CC License. Especially content suitable for Indian teaching learning environment.

Explore the catalogue and if you are looking for training and publish the interactive content with CC License Contact Us.